Sunday, June 7, 2009

Caveat Emptor: Miracle Laundry Ball

Saw a "Miracle Laundry Ball" advertisement at Carrefour, Suntec. I found it interesting and took a photo of it, thinking that I may one day get this incredible invention when I have more money so I can save even more money (on detergent). It didn't occur to me to do more research (though I may actually do so if I were intent to get it) on this product when I'm free, as I though mistakenly that this advertisement is endorsed by Carrefour, and that if it's endorsed by such a big company, it must not be making fraudulent claims.

Today I saw this post: Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Great Singapore Sale : Miracle Laundry Ball (thanks for the heads up)

Now I look at the photo I took and noticed that there it is actually an advertisement by the company selling the ball, McCoy, as opposed to a promotional advertisement by Carrefour.

From this, I learnt that we must not trust advertisements even if they're hosted by companies with a reputation to protect.

And I guess I can save $59.90. Yay!

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