Monday, May 18, 2009

A Pleasant Dream

In my dream I bought a tube of nutripet. I was thinking about licking a bit of it (it's delicious!) and looked at the label which read:
for dogs and cats,
and humans who want to eat it.

I then went to visit my dog. And I hugged him because I missed him so much. He looks and feels the same. In this dream there's no smell though: In my other dreams of him where there's smell he smells the same in the dream. This time around as I hugged him, I tried to elicit a look of empathy from him, and twice he gave me the look that shows that he understands. It greatly comforts me. In real life though, he's the most unfeeling dog.

As I left the kennel, I sternly told him to stay, reflecting my insecurities about him escaping and getting into trouble (him fighting and me punished). Everything I did in the dream is typically what I might have done in real life (this is not one of those dreams where I'm in space or I can fly). Once outside his kennel, I turned his feed bowl in. I noticed that all the other feed bowls were already turned in except for his. I guess the others knew that I wanted to do it by myself. =) Seeing that the construction of the gate is not secure enough, I decided to clip the leash on the gate, but dang. Someone clipped the leash so high up that I couldn't reach it normally.

Then I woke up. I pressed a button on my handphone to see the wallpaper. Yeah, it's him alright.

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