Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ever been in an SBS bus before? If your answer is yes, you'll probably be able to identify with my grouses, and/or perhaps you're an offender.

One of the thing I hate most is that of people sitting behind me placing their kneecap at the back of my seat, making my back feel uncomfortable. To make matters worse, some like to move their kneecaps periodically. I know some of you have long knees, but please spare a thought for the fellow sitting in front of you!

The second thing I hate is that of the free fallers. This is especially irritating. I normally sit closer to the window so there's a seat near an aisle. I could, of course take the aisle seat and offer them the window seat but I'm just too kind. But these free fallers, they're just plain inconsiderate. If case you have not realised, the seats in SBS buses are of the rubber type, meaning that they semi-trap air. What these free fallers do that irritate me is that when they're taking the seat beside me, they suddenly go weak in their knees as if I'm some kind of superstar they swoon over (far from it. Sad) and let gravity do the work. The end result? The sudden displacement of air under their stinky bottoms is forced to my side, jolting me in the process. Why can't they sit normally? I don't see people doing that when sitting on wooden benches?! It a good thing that I do not have a slipped disc, otherwise I'll probably strangle them on the spot.

Anyway last Friday I was taking the bus home and the lady who sat next to me sat down gently. I nearly wanted to shake her hand and thank her for being such a considerate person but figured out that I don't want to be labeled as a nutcase.

A few days ago, while taking the bus to school, I saw someone who looked and dressed like Hebe.Red heart Heehee.

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