Monday, March 3, 2008

sad day for me but i'm happy for my friend..

it's a sad day..

woke up with a painful right foot.. i must have kicked the wall while sleeping.. 'tis the second time it has happened to me.. probably too stressed..

just before noon, as i was walking down the stairs making my way to the computer lab @ the basement, i saw her and i think she saw me too but i got just couldn't recognise her from a distance.. as i walked closer i didn't bother to look her way as i don't like to look at people.. when i passed her i suddenly got a feeling that it's her so i stopped and did a double-take.. it was her indeed and now she must think that i ignored her on purpose..
trying to use wikidpad more extensively to manage my life.. will be installing on my desktop soon.. hope to fully migrate to my desktop asap..
i might change blogs yet again.. just don't like windows live spaces.. too much ajax's overkill n makes it feel laggy..
not all was bad though.. when i reached home i wanted to send some useful past year paper to my schoolmates so i opened msn and i saw my good friend's msn nick.. he's going to intern @ mountain view in 2 months' time to work on iGoogle.. i'm really happy for him.. i consider him as one of my best friends..

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