Sunday, January 13, 2008

First post~!

Hoorah, first post~!

Hm.. yet another new blog.. when i'm free i'll migrate the posts here and delete them for good.. i don't like the idea of having my stuff scattered all over the place (though sadly that's the state of my room and digital data)..

Don't you just hate the abuse of ellipses? it's the "..." punctuation in case you were wondering.. and its singular is ellipsis, not ellipse, which happen to share the same plural form.. confusing isn't it? anyway i'll be using ".." for most of the time, for good measure and for a reason which i prefer to keep private.. let's just say it's between a period and an ellipsis, so you get to guess which it actually means, not that it makes a difference since this is just a blog and not a novel by virginia woolf..

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